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The new Huawei top models

Accessories for the P30 series

On 26 March 2019, the new Huawei P30 family made its grand debut in Paris. In addition to the P30 standard model, its big brother the P30 Pro was launched, and we are already eagerly awaiting its little sister the P30 Lite. To coincide with the launch of the new Huawei smartphones, we can provide everything you need to protect the newcomers.

We already have stylish covers, perfectly fitting display protectors, and much more, for the brand-new smartphones.

Perfect all-round protection

Optimum protection for the Huawei P30 is especially important because of the integrated fingerprint sensor in the display. With our durable and robust glass display protectors, your phone will be well protected and you won’t have to worry about impacts or scratches. Perfect protection guaranteed! For the back of the smartphone, we offer covers (including ones in a booklet style) in all imaginable designs and with many functions: the right look for every Huawei smartphone – and with a level of protection.

Booklets and Covers
Protection glasses and films

Hama expert tip

We recommend our safe "Protector" Cover. Thanks to its anti-shock guard construction, it provides optimum drop protection for the back and corners of the smartphone. What’s more, the transparent back does not conceal the individual design of the gems! So your smartphone can show off all its splendour!

High-speed power boost

The three Huawei P30 models all have a USB-C port, which can be used to charge the high-tech devices as fast as possible and with best performance. We offer numerous compatible chargers and charging cables with Power Delivery fast charging technology, so that your smartphone never runs out of power!


Hama expert tip

Do not supply your new Huawei P30 model with just any power; instead, use the intelligent chargers with Power Delivery. Whether at home or on the go – this technology ensures your smartphone will always have enough power. So when time is short, our charger set is perfect for you.

Smartphone photography on a new level

The quality of the camera on the Huawei P30 models is excellent. The P30 Pro even has a quad camera. Both models allow you to capture the most beautiful moments in top quality. Hama supplies the right accessories for the perfect smartphone photos: tripods, mounts and lens attachments – everything the photographer’s heart desires!

Smartphone photography

Hama expert tip

With our "Moments 100" selfie stick, you can shoot fantastic group selfies with your friends with the excellent camera! No more blurred pictures.

Excellent sound

The Pro model of the P30 family has no jack socket. Our stylish Bluetooth headphones provide an appropriate solution: They allow you to listen to music and charge your smartphone at the same time, while guaranteeing perfect sound.

Bluetooth headsets

Hama expert tip

Enjoy the ultimate sound on your new smartphone with our "Calypso" Bluetooth headphones. No more annoying tangled cables when listening to music!

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