Hama "DR1000DE" Digital Radio, FM/DAB/DAB+, black

Shade of colour

White Black

Listen to state-of-the-art, DAB+ quality radio - it's easy! The large buttons and dials, the clear display and the German labels and menu guidance on the "DR1000DE" digital radio bring you music enjoyment in its simplest form to your home.

  • Listening pleasure with state-of-the-art technology: hiss-free and digital with DAB/DAB+, but also with conventional FM reception
  • The four direct selection buttons allow you to store your favourite stations and find them without searching
  • Extra-large 4" TFT display for the clear presentation of information
  • Start the day with your favourite station and two alarm memory slots: it can be set for both wake-up times whether the alarm is to sound only once, daily, on work days, on weekends or only on specific days
  • For everyone who wants to simply listen to the radio: with control dial and large buttons for intuitive operation


99,00 EUR

Item No.: 00054897
GTIN: 4007249548979