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Design Line – stylish accessories for your smartphone

Trendy. Stylish. Modern. Cool cases and covers for your smartphone with the Design Line

Whether you choose a cover or case – the protection of your smartphone is the most important thing. Special attention is given to the design of the smartphone accessories: A smartphone case must match your individual style. It should express creativity and reflect your character – a symbiosis of your personality and the latest trend.
That’s why we created the Design Line: covers (including ones in a booklet style) in trendy colours and patterns, from jungle fever to geometry junkie. Here, every fashionista will find their individual statement accessory to match their look.

Being yourself is the prettiest you can be!

Botanical Design


Flowers are the Earth smiling.

Lush, iridescent flowers – add a touch of exoticism to your smartphone. The orchid symbolises beauty. And the "Orchid" covers are just as beautiful.

The world is beautiful – express this with your tropical accessory.

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Life is better with palm trees.

Escape from the urban jungle with your smartphone cover. Follow Tarzan’s trail and dive deep into the jungle. A tropical feeling with a dazzling blaze of colour!

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Jungle Leaves

In the smallest things, nature shows its greatest miracles.

"My heart is beating like a jungle drum …" The booklet-style cover transports every urban Amazon to the midst of the jungle and turns the smartphone into a wild accessory.

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Happiness is free, yet priceless.

The word "Mojo" is of African origin and means happiness. There is no way to happiness – happiness is the way. Carry your happiness not only in your heart, but also on your smartphone cover.

Other designs in keeping with the botanical series:

Prime Design

Golden Rain

Once you have learnt to dance in the rain, you will be able to survive life’s storms.

We don’t have "Purple Rain" – instead, we have "Golden Rain". Make a statement with our "Golden Rain" cover and become an absolute trendsetter. Dance in the golden rain and make the world shine!

Golden Circles

Don’t let someone dim your light just because it’s too bright.

The "Golden Circles" smartphone cover is a real golden treasure. The gold glitter dots make your smartphone sparkle. With the cool metallic look and polka dot design, you know what’s stylish and are a double trendsetter.

Golden Graphics

Success comes when you do what you love to do.

Go for gold – make a statement with the "Golden Graphics" cover and become a shining fashion star. Golden glow in a metallic look and with a geometric pattern – it can’t get any cooler than this.


Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.

The hexagon is not just an important topic in mathematics – when it comes to fashion, this design is an absolute must-have. Just as in a puzzle, the geometric shapes fit perfectly together and give an elegant overall appearance. The minimalist hexagon design adds pure elegance to your smartphone.

Other designs in keeping with the Prime series:

Bohemian Design


The secret of freedom is courage.

The "Akela" cover allows you to express your strength and intelligence – just like a freedom-loving pack of wolves. The best way to reflect nativeness and strength in fashion is the ethno look. With the "Akela" cover, your smartphone becomes a strong companion.

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Always remember you are stronger than you seem!

The lion in the cool ethno design demonstrates its strength and pride. This smartphone cover allows you to express your inner strength and face this world with a healthy dose of courage.

Other designs in keeping with the Bohemian series:

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